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Wine with a ruby red color, a fruity aroma with a background of spices and licorice. The taste is characterized by a high concentration and a good balance. Content 0,75 lt

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The Buffalo Mozzarella POD is the most valuable fresh cheese soft pasta of Campania and famous all over the world. It is produced exclusively with milk Buffalo Campana following the strict rules of production expected by the PDO. Ingredients: pasteurized milk Buffalo, rennet, salt. The product is immersed in the preserving liquid consisting of water, salt...

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Fiordilatte is a fresh pulled-curd cheese obtained from raw cow’s full milk of several milkings over the course of a maximum of 16 hours since it has to be delivered extremely fresh to undergo processing. It originates in the Southern Apennines in the region Campania. Ingredients: uncooked cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt Packaging: 400 gr and 800 gr (about)

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The Gragnano Spaghetti PGI have a thickness of about 2,7mm, greater than that of the classic spaghetti. This characteristic, along with the traditional method of drying that occurs naturally and very slowly, makes this product special type of pasta ideal for dishes with sauces both by land and sea. Packaging: stylized box 500 gr

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The Sfogliatella is a typical sweet pastry of Campania Italy region and comes in two main variants: can be curly (riccia), if made with puff pastry, or pastry (frolla), if prepared with the shortbread. Ingredients: Flour, ricotta cheese, sugar, mixed candied fruit, eggs and butter

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Spaghetti IGP Gragnano  are so named for their shape similar to a big string. These noodles are twice as long as normal. Suitable for preparation of first fish with tomato sauce or white. Gragnano pasta extruded through bronze PGI 100% Made in Italy Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water (contains gluten) Cooking time: 8 minutes

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Goat cheese Conciato Romano still produced according to the ancient Roman traditions. It 'a cheese in a greatly reduced olfactory sensations dose of ripe fruit on the nose and tasting great personality, which can be up to a very pronounced spiciness. Seasoning: from 6 to 18 months Ingredients: sheep milk 80%, 20% cow's milk, rennet, aromas and wine...

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The DOP Vesuvio Piennolo's Cherry Tomato BIO sauce is prepared using only DOP grown cherry tomatoes grown at Vesuvio's slopes. Ideal sauce for preparing classic spaghetti with, garlic, oil and tomato and pasta fish dishes.

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Excellent brut sparkling 100% grape Asprinio Aversa in Campania. To be tasted during a buffet but also to accompany a delicious dessert. Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

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Neapolitan broccoli, grown on the slopes of Mount Somma, stir-fried with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and red pepper, according to the old Neapolitan recipe. Ingredients: broccoli, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chili Storage: when opened, keep in cool Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture Packaging: 314ml, 580ml and 1062ml

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A tasty product born from the sweet most renowned of the Campania baba infused into the liquor rum. Great to be enjoyed as a dessert. Alcohol content: 14 ° Packaging: pot glass 50 cl in stylized box

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Linguine Gragnano IGP are a format of long pasta and dish of Liguria origin, but used throughout the Italian peninsula. The linguine match well with the pesto sauce with sauces based on fish or shellfish. Gragnano pasta extruded through bronze PGI 100% Made in Italy Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water (contains gluten) Cooking time: 9 minutes

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