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The DOP Vesuvio Piennolo's Cherry Tomato BIO sauce is prepared using only DOP grown cherry tomatoes grown at Vesuvio's slopes. Ideal sauce for preparing classic spaghetti with, garlic, oil and tomato and pasta fish dishes.

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Excellent and tasty jam, derived from albicooca "Pellecchiella" typical of Vesuvius in Campania, by the intense aroma and the right consistency, it is ideal for a breakfast energy, but also as a filling for cakes and pies. Organic farming. Packaging: glass jar 230 gr

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Precious and appreciated worldwide, this wine of great versatility and easy to match, pale yellow in color and light scent reminiscent of the broom flowers and ripe fruit. Food match: it goes well with fish dishes, seafood and shellfish. Size: bottle 75 cl

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Appreciated and famous all over the world, this deep ruby colored wine presents violet hues and fragrance reminiscent of violets and flowers of violets, which are accompanied by notes of liquorice and fine woods. Food match: it is indicated when eating tasty dishes, elaborate red meats and seasoned cheeses. Size: bottle 75 cl

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Appreciated and famous all over the world, this fragrant ino unmistakable flavor, coupled itself the freshness of the white and the right body of the young red. Food match: it is ideal with white meats, vegetable stews and game. Size: bottle 75 cl

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The apricot jam is the most classic of preserves, tasty, delicate, sweet ... is ideal for some great pies. Ingredients: Vesuvian apricot 80%, lemon juice and fructose Package: Glass jar of 300 gr

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Juice rich in healing properties, a concentration of vitamin A and C, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Ingredients: Vesuvian apricot 66%, fructose Package: Glass jar of 720 ml and of 250 ml

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The beans (fave)of Vesuvius contain a large amount of potassium and iron. Ingredients: Vesuvian broad bean 67%, extra virgin olive oil 31%, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavors Package: Glass jar of 280 gr

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Cherry tomatoes Piennolo of Vesuvius POD is one of the most typical products of Campania agriculture. Cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius has a sweet flavor from the acidic aftertaste due to the richness of mineral salts and sugars Suitable for the preparation of bruschette, pizzas, sauces, but especially for the typical dish of spaghetti with cherry tomatoes...

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The "Tomato Piennolo Vesuvius PDO" is one of the oldest and most typical of Campania agriculture; delicious taste is mainly used for the preparation of pasta dishes. Package: plastic bin from 1.0 kg and 0.5 kg Recipe: Scialatielli pasta, sausage and tomatoes Piennolo Vesuvius PDO with basil

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Typical preserve of the Vesuvius National Park which consists of cutting the fillets of Tomato Piennolo, crushing them by hand in the jar with the addition of a pinch of salt and then pasteurizing them in order to have a fresh product throughout the year. Ingredients: Vesuvian Piennolo Tomato PDO and salt Package: Glas jar of 500 gr

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Made with 100% pure Piennolo Tomato PDO with the characteristic sweet and sour aftertaste, due to the concentration of sugars and minerals naturally present in the soil lava of Vesuvius. Ingredients: Vesuvian Piennolo Tomato PDO, salt and basil Package: Glas jar of 720 ml

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items