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The liquor Black Coffee Espresso consists essentially aroma Napolitan espresso; In fact, for every liter of alcohol they are used 13 coffee, just as is done in Naples !! Tasty and fragrant, it is pleasant to drink it cold or at room temperature throughout the day. Ingredients: Sugar, alcohol, espresso wood roasted Alcohol: 22°

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Cream baba is a product from the frozen drink, meets the needs of those who enjoy spirits with an alcohol content reduced and taste more 'delicate and less decided. Alcohol content: 17 ° Packaging: glass bottle 50 Cl - 70 Cl

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Neapolitan baba is a delicious and tasty dessert typical of traditional Neapolitan pastry, preserved infused with the most typical Campania liquor: Limoncello of Sorrento. Alcohol content: 14 ° Pairings: sweet dessert Packaging: glass jar 260 gr - 520 gr

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Rum baba is a delicious and tasty dessert typical of traditional Neapolitan pastry. Alcohol content: 14 ° Pairings: sweet dessert Packaging: glass jar 260 gr - 520 gr

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Paccheri by Pastificio Pagano have a smooth paste formed of straight cut, with a diameter of about 30mm. The origin of the name comes from the Neapolitan slap due to the noise they make when they are stirred in a pan with the seasoning sauce. Pasta format suitable for first dishes based on fish. Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water (contains...

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Ingredients: Neapolitan Vanilla persimmon 62%, extra virgin olive oil 37%, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavors Package: Glass jar of 280 gr

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Outstanding contour, good compromise to enjoy the very tasty eggplant anytime, useful and convenient for quick dinners or to close a meal is not exactly plentiful. Ingredients: Neapolitan aubergine 60%, extra virgin olive oil 38%, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavors Package: Glass jar of 280 gr

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Delicious and tasty canned fruit in syrup made with the typical peach Neapolitan called "Percoca" Ingredients: Neapoletan Percoca 62%, water 30% and fructose 8% Package: Glass jar of 610 gr (gross), 380 gr (net, without syrup)

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For those who are single, have problems of time or work a sauce ready for use in extra virgin olive oil with the famous product of the Vesuvius  National Park, the Piennolo Tomato PDO. Ingredients: Vesuvian Piennolo Tomato PDO passata 94%, extra virgin olive oil 3%, carrots, celery, onions and salt. Package: glas jar of 300 gr

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One of the typical products of the area in the province of Naples is Long Pumpkin or Cocozza Zuccarina, typical vegetable of many recipes of the local peasant tradition. Ingredients: Neapolitan Long Pumpkin 66%, extra virgin olive oil 31%, wine vinegar, salt and natural flavors. Package: Glas jar of 280 gr

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Delicious jam made from a typical vegetable of the province of Naples; the Pumpkin Long or Zuccarina Cocozza. Ingredients: Neapolitan Long Pumpkin 75%, fructose, orange juice and skin. Package: Glas jar of 300 gr

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The Sfogliatella is a typical sweet pastry of Campania and is available in two main variants: can be curly, if made with puff pastry, or pastry, if prepared with the pastry. Ingredients: Flour, ricotta cheese, sugar, mixed candied fruit, eggs and butter

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