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The Roseus Pes PGI is a 100% Piedirosso wine with a cherry-red color and green notes of red fruits on the nose, including recognizable frankly wild strawberry. On the palate this wine rosé instead of Campania has an impact soft and fresh, with a tenuous mineral flavor in the final. Packaging: bottle 75 cl

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The Limoncello of Sorrento PGI is an excellent liqueur of Sorrento coast known throughout the world. For its production, they are used exclusively Lemons of Sorrento IGP Campania. Can not end a lunch or dinner while enjoying a glass of limoncello served cold! Ingredients: Alcohol, sugar, water, peels of lemons from Sorrento IGP. Alcohol content: 30°

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Falanghina IGP Beneventana Caracara, is an excellent and fine white wine produced with a late harvest and then aged in barrels. Golden yellow color and amber hues, has a good body, soft and persistent on the palate. Production year: 2014 Packaging: 75 cl bottle packed in a wooden box

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The handmake Panettone "Matrea II" is prepared by the master salon Dario Saltarelli using xxxxxxxxxxx. It contains only natural products and the leaching is always done with natural methods and for at least 48 hours. Packaging: Stylized box 1kg

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The White Wine Pipolo Greco Fiano Basilicata PGI  is Yellow with green reflections. Hints of white pulp fruit. Good acidity that enhances the wines freshness. Alcohol content: 12.5% Serving temperature: 10-12 °C Content: 75cl

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The Rosè Wine Pipoli Rosato Basilicata PGI  is bright raspberry pink. To the nose hints of cherry, sour black cherry and pansy. Elegant wine, with persistent floral finish. Alcohol content: 12% Serving temperature: 12-14 °C Content: 75cl

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The white Muscat Wine Sensuale Basilicata PGI has a brilliant golden yellow. Fruity bouquet with notes of pear, peach, mango and just enough of that exotic touch of the Muscat grape. Light effervescent. Alcohol content: 9,5% Serving temperature: 10-12 °C Content: 75cl

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items