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Chocolate liquor cream has a low alcohol content while the taste of chocolate prevails. Great as a fine meal, to accompany a dessert, to garnish ice cream or cakes. Alcohol: 17°

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The Neapolitan cake Caprese is a typical sweet chocolate spread in Capri, but also in the area of Sorrento and Amalfi. The peculiarity of his recipe is to not use either flour or yeast! Although there are many variations, the Caprese cake is a low cake with dark chocolate and almonds, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Size: 1 kg - 2 kg

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The frollini with chocolate are handmade biscuit enriched with dark chocolate chips that may accompany any time of day, from breakfast to after dinner or a cup of coffee or tea the moment. Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, margarine, oil, milk, eggs, honey, ammonium bicarbonate and vanilla aroma. Preservative-free product

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Chocorum baba is Aatasty product born from the sweet most renowned of the Campania baba infused in the rum liquor and chocolate . Great to be enjoyed as a dessert. Alcohol content: 14° Packaging: pot glass 50 cl in stylized box

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Chiacchiere are a typical dessert of the Carnival; this variant is particularly delicious because in addition to being covered with a very fine dark chocolate, they also have a filling of chocolate cream.

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