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Tomato preserve is made with a delicate tomato, handled with care, not suitable for industrial processing, but fresh taste, pleasant and very persistent. Recommended is the pizza for simple preparations or cooking more prolonged where emanates intense and irresistible! Packaging: glass jar 1 Kg

6,50 €

The DOP Vesuvio Piennolo's Cherry Tomato BIO sauce is prepared using only DOP grown cherry tomatoes grown at Vesuvio's slopes. Ideal sauce for preparing classic spaghetti with, garlic, oil and tomato and pasta fish dishes.

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Yellow tomato preserve is mainly intended for seasoning first fish dishes or garnishing pizzas and hazelnuts. The taste is very sapid and at the same time soft and delicate. The perfume is fresh, the right acidity.

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Excellent and tasty jam, derived from albicooca "Pellecchiella" typical of Vesuvius in Campania, by the intense aroma and the right consistency, it is ideal for a breakfast energy, but also as a filling for cakes and pies. Organic farming. Packaging: glass jar 230 gr

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Jam aroma and intense, it is of proper density and spread, produced only with oranges grown on the Sorrento Peninsula in Campania. Exquisite for a hearty breakfast, but also to accompany desserts, fresh and aged cheeses like cottage cheese. Organic farming Packaging: glass jar 230 gr

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The Vesuvius area, the slopes of Mount Somma in Campania, is renowned for the production of so-called "cherry Monte", which produces this delicious cherry jam. Organic farming Packaging: 230 gr

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The fruits of mulberry, especially the dark, are considered particularly tasty and rich in nutrients. They are used for the creation of jams and marmalades, but also for arricchiere fresh salads or decorate cakes. Production: Organic Farming Format: jar of 230 g

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items