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The white wine FALANGHINA DOC FROM CAMPI FLEGREI has the pale yellow with greenish hues, the nose fresh, delicate, pleasant with scents of broom and a strong minerality and with the right acidity. Packaging: bottle by 75 cl

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The red wine PIEDIROSSO DOC FROM CAMPI FLEGREI has a ruby red soft flavor and elegant and at the same time decided, his pleasant minerality with a slight sulfurous acceno given territory from purely volcanic. This typical wine of Campania, also called "Per 'e Palummo", is so named for the color of the pedicels of grapes, reminiscent of the color of paw...

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Aglianico DOC from Sannio is a noble red wine obtained from the pressing of homonymous grapes. Great if drunk young, but if aged in barrique for at least two years, further enhances its aromas.Food matches: ideal companion for cured meats and cheeses, roasts, game and dishes with a strong taste.Serving temperature: 16-18 ° CPackaging: 75 cl bottle

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Excelso 14 DOC is a 100% Aglianico of Sannio, with a ruby red color tending towards garnet, intense, decisive and enveloping an explosion of sensations to be shared.Packaging: 75 cl bottle

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The white wine Fiano of Avellino DOCG has a deep golden yellow color, the nose has hints of pear, toasted hazelnut and pineapple. It has a good acidity, good body and evident notes of toasted hazelnuts.Packaging: 75 cl bottle

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The Roseus Pes PGI is a 100% Piedirosso wine with a cherry-red color and green notes of red fruits on the nose, including recognizable frankly wild strawberry. On the palate this wine rosé instead of Campania has an impact soft and fresh, with a tenuous mineral flavor in the final. Packaging: bottle 75 cl

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The pistachio cream liqueur is a product delicate and creamy, frozen drink, meets the needs of those who enjoy spirits with an alcohol content reduced and taste more 'delicate and less decided. Pleasant accompaniment pastries and desserts, as a dessert or ice cream drowned unparalleled. Alcoholic content: 17 ° Packaging: glass bottle 50 Cl - 70 Cl

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Neapolitan baba is a delicious and tasty dessert typical of traditional Neapolitan pastry, preserved infused with the most typical Campania liquor: Limoncello of Sorrento. Alcohol content: 14 ° Pairings: sweet dessert Packaging: glass jar 260 gr - 520 gr

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Paccheri by Pastificio Pagano have a smooth paste formed of straight cut, with a diameter of about 30mm. The origin of the name comes from the Neapolitan slap due to the noise they make when they are stirred in a pan with the seasoning sauce. Pasta format suitable for first dishes based on fish. Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water (contains...

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Provolone del Monaco cheese is a valuable product in the Sorrento Peninsula - Lattari, only with raw milk. It 'a semi-hard cheese made of spun paste and aged for periods ranging from 6 to 18 months. Ingredients: milk, rennet and salt Weight: 1,2 Kg / 3 Kg

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Precious and appreciated worldwide, this wine of great versatility and easy to match, pale yellow in color and light scent reminiscent of the broom flowers and ripe fruit. Food match: it goes well with fish dishes, seafood and shellfish. Size: bottle 75 cl

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Appreciated and famous all over the world, this deep ruby colored wine presents violet hues and fragrance reminiscent of violets and flowers of violets, which are accompanied by notes of liquorice and fine woods. Food match: it is indicated when eating tasty dishes, elaborate red meats and seasoned cheeses. Size: bottle 75 cl

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