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Original cake called Pan (n) of Buffalo as the butter dough is replaced by the use of fresh cream from buffalo, from the processing of buffalo milk used for the production of buffalo mozzarella DOP.

Packaging: cardboard box stylized

Deadline: 60 days from date of manufacture

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Ingredients: flour type "oo", cream of buffalo milk (at least 25%), egg yolks fresh, candied fruits, natural yeast, sugar, butter from buffalo milk and salt.

Campania is the land where, for centuries, they breed buffaloes of "Italian Mediterranean race", where milk comes from a leading excellence of our gastronomy: the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. Most of renowned organoleptic properties of the cheese are derived from its complex aromas contained in the milk, and especially the cream of which this milk is rich. Thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium, the Garden of Geneva has created a special cake, where the butter has been entirely replaced by fresh cream from buffalo. To bring out the best flavors in the recipe for Pan (n) buffalo was eliminated candied fruit and has been significantly reduced the percentage of sugar. If they have got dough fragrant, soft and balanced, which has enabled a panettone particularly suitable to be served in both sweet and savory put, to give life to surprising combinations and delicate, with the many quality products that the Campania region It is capable of expressing.

The Panettone the Garden of Geneva are made only with the highest quality ingredients, the slow time to rise from sourdough, no preservatives, with particular attention to the identity craftsmanship, the original interpretations dictated by the territorial link, have the specific purpose of excite, through the goodness, the scents, the fragrance, that only the hard-working and creative art of hands can still donate.

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