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The Neapolitan cake Caprese is a typical sweet chocolate spread in Capri, but also in the area of Sorrento and Amalfi. The peculiarity of his recipe is to not use either flour or yeast! Although there are many variations, the Caprese cake is a low cake with dark chocolate and almonds, crunchy on the outside and soft inside.

Size: 1 kg - 2 kg

30,00 € tax incl.

Neapolitan Caprese Cake....a little history ...

It is said that the most beautiful things and people they meet by chance .... it is true, the unexpected encounters are always the best, because they are like a surprise party and spontaneous. This time you will be amazed even more ... The "rule" applies not only to situations and people, but also for .... The recipes! Yes, even the cooks have their little touch of madness typical of the artists that leads them to create their delicacies.
So it was that in 1920, in a workshop of the island, a cook named Carmine Fiore "created" unintentionally luscious masterpiece of confectionery Neapolitan: torta caprese. It is said that the cook was alone in his small "kingdom" culinary, surrounded by his tools, ingredients and was committed with extreme care in the preparation of an almond cake for three mobsters come to Capri to buy a lot of spats Al Capone-

Everything was going better but maybe for distraction, perhaps for the rush to finish, perhaps to another, made a mistake that would surely cost him dearly his reputation by renowned chef (he should have to deal with criminals ...): forgot add the dose of flour needed to complete the cake batter. The without realizing it baked and cooked to order, with amazement, the cake turned out a real delicacy: crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Recipe unexpected, made by any chance? Had paid off! And that fruit! The three Americans were satisfied

Carmine continued to prepare the cake even later and liked a lot, had a great successo.100%, even to ask for the recipe.

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