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The Ancient Distillery Petrone's lemon liqueur comes from the infusion of the peels of the best lemons in pure alcohol. Over time it can present the outcrop of the essential oils contained in the peels of lemon, a guarantee and authenticity of the product. Serve cold after meals.

Alcohol content: 33 °

Packaging: glass bottle 70 cl

16,20 € tax incl.

Lemons are cultivated in "AREA CEMENTARA" Riviera Domitia, particularly suitable for its volcanic soil. All steps which consists of the cultivation of these citrus fruits are strictly monitored and controlled by the company itself. To facilitate the production of the latter, they are used particular techniques such as interrupted irrigations for a certain period, thus obtaining fruits with a thin skin and pulp very juicy. When they are fully ripe, it starts the collection, which is performed manually, and is based on a careful selection time in the selection of the best elements. The next step, the peeling of the lemons, is through the use of a machine which allows to obtain skins incredibly thin, basic prerequisite for obtaining a beverage very pure and extremely natural in the subsequent steps of preparation and infusion.

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