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Goat cheese Conciato Romano still produced according to the ancient Roman traditions. It 'a cheese in a greatly reduced olfactory sensations dose of ripe fruit on the nose and tasting great personality, which can be up to a very pronounced spiciness.

Seasoning: from 6 to 18 months

Ingredients: sheep milk 80%, 20% cow's milk, rennet, aromas and wine vinegar

Packaging: 200gr a.c.

14,00 € tax incl.

70,00 € per Kg


The Conciato Romano cheese, after years of neglect, is experiencing renewed interest today, as to be become Slow Food one of the province of Caserta and be included in the regional list of traditional products of Campania.

The area of ​​origin and production is the town of Castel di Sasso, in the northern part of the province of Caserta, and the surrounding areas (municipalities of Monte Maggiore), where - thanks to the efforts and foresight of the cheesemakers of the family Lombardi -it was picked up the ancient technique, already known to the Romans and also cited by the poet Marziale, which consists in breaking the curd by hand and then mold it and salt it dry and then subjecting the cheese thus obtained to tanning, surface treatment and maturing in earthenware jars.

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