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This wine comes from a blend of black & Pallagrello Casavecchia, red grapes vinified in white. The name is a tribute to the river Volturno, from Hannibal to Garibaldi, has determined the history of our country. It 'a wine that we love to combine the great seafood cuisine of Campania and pizza.

Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

14,50 € tax incl.

Tasting notes: The wine has a beautiful bright pink, with delicate scents ranging from floral notes of wild rose with hints of cherry and black cherry. The taste is characterized by a remarkable freshness backed by good acidity which prolongs pleasantly persistent.
Denomination: IGT Terre del Volturno

Vineyard: in the town of Castel Campagnano, Vigna Monticelli. Caserta espalier with a density of 3,500 plants per hectare. Age 30 years

Agronomic management: biological. Not used ever herbicides, pesticides or insecticides; treatments sulfur and copper are restricted to a minimum; grassing natural to encourage biodiversity, leaf removal and pruning the end of July, a little thinning.

Alcol content: 13,5%

Harvest: manual in boxes of 15 kg.

Winemaking: Quick passage of the must from the skins, then fermentation "in white" in temperature controlled stainless steel.

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