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  • • A.B.C. Allevatori Bufalini Campani

    ABC means Breeders buffalo Casertani.
    The activities of the cooperative union ABC born then diallevatori of buffalo in the province of Caserta, to get to the management of the entire production process linked to the buffalo mozzarella.
    Founded in 1978, today the cooperative provides the breeding of buffaloes as well as to their milking and, later, processing and sale of DOP mozzarella, high quality: buffalo mozzarella ABC.
    Produced in the dairy of Vitulazio, is exported around the world, where the buffalo mozzarella is valued for its unique taste.

  • • Agricola San Teodoro

    Our company, founded in 2004, is based in the lovely commune of Galluccio. We have produced excellent IGT and Doc wines since 2007, from the variety of vines on our twentytwo-acre estate. The art of wine making is not among the most difficult, but it requires great dedication, passion, hard work and expertise at every step of the way, from cultivation, to pruning, and processing. Land and vineyards are not enough, the vines must also be well exposed, and you need good facilities and special processing methods. Wine is not just a beverage; it is a companion for food, play, and celebrations. The 'heavenly nectar' is man's perennial companion on his or her journey through life.

  • • Azienda Agricola "Il Fico"

    The Azienda Agricola Il Fico is located in Agropoli in the context of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region. It 'a company run direct, in the most literal sense of the term, inextricably linked to the charisma and personality of those who work.

    The farm Il Fico is inserted in the Control System for Organic Agriculture. It is an important recognition for products made from white figs that are grown and processed in the company Il Fico, a further guarantee and confirmation of a product of absolute quality and excellence.

  • • Azienda Agricola La Cannavina di Antonietta Melillo

    Alife, land of "Cipollari" and onions always. Ever since, that is, a large slice of the local economy was based on the production and sale of this versatile bulb.

    No particular fact has weakened the production over the years, only the normal removal from the earth has left many young spirassero to a well-being that more and more apparent it shows. But progress means evolution, as well as a full circle, now is the moment of the return to the land and for Alifana to onions.

  • • Azienda Vinicola Sannino

    The Sannino family, who lives and works in Herculaneum, the fertile soil of Vesuvius, an area of great wines renowned for centuries, invests in its company throughout the wine experience that distinguishes them from long time

  • • Birrificio Artigianale MALTOVIVO

    The quality of our products is the result of a work done by passion and respect of the times and traditions required by the quality.

    To keep intact the values of naturalness and authenticity of our products, we use selected ingredients GMO free and we don't filter and pasteurize our beers.

    Our great respect to this drink bring us to constantly deepen the knowledge and history.
    The research and the study of the products of European brewing tradition are and will be the ground on which to evolve our proposals, always with one overriding rule: move in full respect of the fees and the long tradition of this drink.
    The history of beer has always been fueled by events, people and emotions that have created that alchemy that makes only the feelings of those who taste beer.

  • • Caffe Delizia

    Coffee roasting at Caffè Delizia began more than 40 years ago and draws on Pasquale Scamardella’s long experience in various Neapolitan coffee roasting houses.

    The company is situated in the heart of Campi Flegrei along the road connecting the archaeological sites of Cuma and Baia. At present, Pasquale works alongside his son Nicola and his daughter Maria, and together they roast the coffee beans with the care and attention required by such artisan products.

    The roasting of coffee over wood (tostato a legna) is a Neapolitan tradition that has never died out thanks to coffee production houses such as ours. The rediscovery and revaluation of traditional industries is on the rise in Western countries and corresponds to our need to return to genuine flavours. Coffee roasted over wood means respecting this slower pace of life.

    Compared to the fast processes typical of modern technology, this is a non-aggressive method and the coffee beans are roasted gently over oak, which gives off its natural fragrance, enriching both the taste and the aroma of the coffee.

    The excellent quality of Caffè Delizia is also due to the careful selection and blending of various beans from around the world: Central America, South America and Africa.

  • • Cantina Terlan

    The Terlan wine cellars are located halfway between the cities of Bolzano and Merano in the Adige valley and the vineyards nestle against the red porphyry slopes of Mount Socket.

    The cellars were born in 1893 and founded their tradition in a historic winemaking in wooden barrels together with the "sur lie" method system through which the wine is left to age - even years - of the purposes of the yeast residues before then be bottled where they end to grow. With this slow maturing wines acquire more character and complexity.

  • • Cantine Moio

     In the area between the Volturno River and  Massico Montain, there was Sinuessa Romaine colony founded in 296 BC, right in the heart of the famous “ ager Falernu”, that now is Mondragone city. Settled here in the early ’900 a branch of  Moio family, started  an important wine business. Today in the centre of this town,  inside a rural court still intact in Mondragone, you can find Moio wineries. From the beautiful countryside that surrounds Mondragone, this Company have produced grapes of the highest quality full of  tradition and history of an ancient land  and of a noble past.

    From the beautiful countryside surrounding Mondragone, even in this century, we have produced grapes of extreme quality worthy heirs of the tradition and history of an ancient land and so noble past.

  • • Casa Barone

    Organic Agricolture in Vesuvio National ParK.

    The farm Casa Barone is the largest organic farm in the Vesuvius National Park. The main body corporate, of about 11 hectares, is located on the slopes of Monte Somma, the volcano original from which it is formed, for successive eruptions, the cone of Vesuvius.
    The walnut trees cover the land crossed by lava eruption of '44, where, between dry stone walls and small terraces, brooms and other essences of the Mediterranean, the vineyards alternate with olive and fruit trees. The tomato piennolo is grown where the orchard is sparser.
    To exploit the many small production company, he then crossed the road to transform the product into jams and preserves, in liqueurs and aromatic fruit spirits, while the production of wines, also in limited quantities, is exclusively devoted to winemaking grapes of autochthonous Vesuvius: the catalanesca, the caprettone and piedirosso.
    To date, the main production of the company is represented by hanging cherry tomato Vesuvius PDO, for which the company is Slow Food.

  • • Casa Iuorio

    The products of the Casa Iuorio company are strongly linked to the flavors of the traditions of the past, those traditions that are handed down from generation to generation, up to the present day.

    The culture of raw materials, knowing how to recognize good products and the best processing processes means for all of us to respect our roots, but also to respect the consumer.

    The company was born from the generation of grandparents, committed to grow the large family with the daily and tiring work that required the land. Right from grandparents, the current entrepreneurs have learned to work raw materials to preserve the genuine products of our land: aubergines, tomatoes, zucchini, oil and much more.

    In the pantry of Casa Iuorio we find quality products typical of the area, such as the Pacchetelle tomatoes or the typical Battipagliese flask. Never miss the extra virgin olive oil, the King of our table, along with a wide range of ready-made sauces, pickles and tasty truffle-based preparations.

  • • Cassano 1875

    Cassano 1875 is an artisan who works in Sorrento in the production of cold liquor.

    The product range originates from the local tradition by incorporating the ancient recipes of farmers and fishermen Sorrento.
    The company, having started operations only in July 1998, was able to immediately impose their products on the market.

    The product is by far the leading "Limoncello di Sorrento", bottled in different formats in order to better meet the diverse needs of consumers and economic realities of operating both in Campania in the whole national territory.

    articipation in the National Salon of Taste (Turin, November 1998) was an opportunity to test their skills and competitiveness in this sector.
    The undisputed quality of locally produced is undoubtedly due to the essentially artisanal nature of production and the undisputed property 'organoleptic lemons of Sorrento (Sorrento oval variety), grown using a technique remained unchanged over time.

    The quality of the lemons used is witnessed by the protected geographical indication (PGI) granted by the EEC.

  • • Delfino Battista SRL

    Enthusiasm and dedication are typical qualities of the family. All Delfino Battista products are chemical and additive free, ,so that quality and flavour are kept intact. Nothing has changed over the years. Our firm guarantees its customers genuine products, natural ingredients and traditional workmanship. All this makes for a healthy balanced diet. Please note that processing is done by hand and the products are even packaged by hand.

    Just after the war, Pasquale Battista opened a small food laboratory where he worked with passion and pride up to the 1990s, mainly preserving anchovies. The traditional link between the seaside village of Cetara and preserving anchovies dates back to Ancient Times and is still going strong thanks to Pasquale Battista’ children who carry on the tradition of preserving anchovies and using the same family recipe.

    In their modern well equipped laboratory the processing of our products is carried out with traditional expertise: the selection of raw materials ,product control transformation and preparation are all carried out under strictly controlled conditions in conformity with the food regulations in force. Nothing has changed and the proof is in the taste.

  • • FABULAE - Campania Felix Wine

    Fabulae select the best wines from Campania,south Italy. The objective is that everyone can taste these wonderful wines, discover the superior quality of a land called by the ancient "Campania Felix"

    In Latin language Fabulae means "to speak" and our wines speak of an ancient tale: the fable of Campania Felix, a territory that the ancient Romans considered blessed by God for the mild climate and the extraordinarily fertile soils.

    The story soon becomes steps, the steps a path, and the path a journey: from Terra di Lavoro to the United States, from Sannio to North Europe. Fabulae selects the best local wines and brings them to the international limelight, aware that tradition is innovation.

    Fabulae understands craftsmanship as an art, and specificity in agriculture as a form of poetry. Fabulae wants the history of the Campania region to abandon the written page and become a live show, according to new economic models and territorial networks.

  • • Frattese Tarallificio Biscottificio

    The "Frattese" Angelo Lisbino's company abides by the Neapolitan tradition, aiming everything on a craft work and without any preservatives.

    The "tarallo", is a kind of bagel from Southern Italy.

  • • I Borboni

    I love this asprinio, son of my ground and his brother Coda di Volpe or Aglianico the father of all red devils getting excited in the tuff cave, where my family's anchester worked and where the past rests and the future ferments and prides ourself. The cellars are in the house where I was born, where I learned to know, to live and to chose the best.

Showing 1 - 24 of 43 items