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The Calamarata pasta Gragnano PGI is a type of traditional pasta in Naples so called because the shape is similar to the squid cut into rings. Excellent cooked with seafood and cherry tomatoes piennolo from Vesuvius.

Packaging: stylized box 500 gr

3,80 €


Semolina 100% durum wheat and spring water of the Lattari Mountains

The pasta is called "Pasta made of durum wheat" if obtained by extrusion, rolling and subsequent drying of dough prepared with durum wheat and water.

In the formation of the mixture it is used exclusively durum wheat and are not added dyes or preservatives.

Nutritional table

Energy value 1506 kj/355 kcal

Fat 1 gr, of which saturated fats 0.3 gr, of which sugars 0.3 gr

Dietary fibers 3 gr

Proteins 13gr

Salt 0.0%

It contains gluten.

Drying process of pasta

Thanks to a traditional, slow and low-tempered drying process, our pasta preserves all of the main organoleptic characteristics of the durum wheat.


The mixture passes through a particular bronze die, becoming rough in all its formats: that is the essential characteristic to enhance the taste of every type of sauce and condiments.


After the drying process, pasta is brought back to room temperature. With an exclusive hand packaging, pasta is packed up in a cubic alimentary case, having a simple method of “open and close” to make the reuse easy and also to ensure the fragrance of the product.


For its good maintenance and to taste all its fragrance, it is recommended to store pasta in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from sunlight and water. Don’t store it in the fridge.

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