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Green olives Nocellara DOP have a bright green color to the protected designation of origin. Sweet with meaty flesh and crisp, easily detached from the core.

Conbination: wash and season to taste. Perfect for appetizers and snacks, great for all the recipes.

Packaging: 500 gr

9,50 € tax incl.

The green olives by Nocellara Belice DOP

The olive by Nocellara Belice, one of the table olives richer flavor, is produced in the territories of Trapani Castelvetrano, Campobello di Mazara and Partanna Trapani. This variety of oil has a sour smell, a strong flavor, and at the same time sweet. And 'big almost spherical, its color can range from deep green to red vinous and its flesh is crisp and can be easily removed from the core.

The olives are rich in vitamin E as well as fatty acids that play a decisive role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, skin protection and control of bad cholesterol.

It is harvested from mid-September to late October and processed within 24 hours so that the fruit remains intact in its organoleptic characteristics. The olives are crushed or etched ecollocate pickled where starts the process of natural lactic fermentation during which controls the concentration of the brine and the values ​​of acidity of the water / salt. After a few months, exhausted and stabilized the fermentation process, the olives are ready to be consumed.

They are packed with only the addition of water and saleper make them more long lasting.

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