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The flavor is sweet and delicate, you get a jam that enhances the taste of fruit thanks to the method of craftsmanship.

Conbination: ideal for serving with cheese and walnuts!

Ingredients: white figs Cilento DOP, sugar , lemon, pectin

Shelf life: 24 months

Packaging: glass jar 240gr

7,99 € tax incl.

The White Figs Cilento DOP

Product with unique features and of absolute value, appreciated abroad, the "White Fig Cilento" PDO owes its name to light yellow uniform of dried fruit skin, which becomes brownish for the fruits that have undergone baking in oven.

The flesh is typically pasty texture, taste very sweet, yellow amber, with largely empty achenes and receptacle interior almost entirely full. These features, which are excellent for the commercial category of dried figs, are precisely the traits that qualify the "Bianco del Cilento" DOP markets.

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