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Provolone del Monaco cheese is a valuable product in the Sorrento Peninsula - Lattari, only with raw milk. It 'a semi-hard cheese made of spun paste and aged for periods ranging from 6 to 18 months.

Ingredients: milk, rennet and salt

Weight: 1,2 Kg / 3 Kg

48,50 € tax incl.


The "Provolone del Monaco" is obtained by heating the milk to obtain a curd cooked than the traditional production of cheese. Its maturation must be done slowly, without preservatives or ferments. This is followed by the shaping, giving a particular form than usual, slightly elongated melon and no head. The seasoning, after having salted and dried, can also occur in the cave according to the product specification, starting from a minimum of 6 months.

According to the regulations the Provolone del Monaco PDO can be produced in the territories of the following municipalities of the Province of Naples: AGEROLA.

After at least 6 months of aging, Provolone del Monaco is already sought after for its sweet taste is spicy lievamente. Prolonging the maturing in nine months, the Monaco begins to give the best of itself, the taste becomes more spicy and also presented within a few holes, from where lacrimerà as a result of the passage from the natural cold at room temperature.
Satgionato Provolone del Monaco is up to two years, a must for the connoisseur.
Mature in a cool, ventilated and protected from direct sunlight, where the forms are tied in pairs and hung to dry.

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