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Typical cheese of Campania produced with cow's milk. Famous is the provola cheese by Agerola.

It is eaten fresh or medium-aged. It has aromas important.

Ingredients: milk, rennet and salt

Packaging: 400 g and 800 g

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The provola smoked cheese is a typical and delicious specialties produced in the region of Campania, and especially in the areas of the valley of the Volturno, Sorrento Peninsula, Vallo di Diano, Irpinia, Sannio Matese.

It is a cheese that shares with mozzarella the antiquity of the origin and the production techniques that are, among other things, very similar. Provolone is obtained from the processing of raw cow's milk and the origin of its name is derived, in fact, that was the "evidence" that is, the sample was immersed in boiling water to determine if the curd was ready for spinning. Unlike the mozzarella, you need not necessarily be consumed fresh, but it can be preserved for a longer time; This is probably why once enjoyed greater fame than the mozzarella: the proof is his presence in the representations of the famous Neapolitan nativity scenes of '700 compared to the total absence of mozzarella cheese and mozzarella.

The provola smoked cheese, at the end of machining, which comprises a step of spinning for longer compared to that of the mozzarella cheese, to obtain a paste more consistent, is placed in a closed environment in contact with smoke from wet straw burned for a few minutes, so that acquires flavor, color and aroma typical of the smoke.

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