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Onion of Alife is a Slow Food Presidium and it differs from the others for its balanced organoleptic character: tangy, calloused, sweet and not pungent at the right point. This preserves sweet and sour is a great ingredient for soups, omelets and especially for the typical recipe of Neapolitan pasta alla Genovese.

Packaging: glass jar 300gr

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The cultivation of this vegetable is very old. According to legend, even it started in the Roman period: it is said that the gladiators were used to rub the body with onions to firm the muscles. Changed the rulers (in the Middle Ages the Alifana plain was invaded by the Lombards), the onion has not lost its importance: it was used to pay rents or, often, was brought as a gift.

In recent years, the tradition was almost lost. They preserved the seeds of this onion only some small family farms, and the elderly, related to their history, just to the latter, in 2011, our company turned to retrieve the seeds and multiply the quantity produced of this vegetable. In 2012 comes the "food communities" of Mother Earth the Cannavinari Alifano of Sannio.

In May of 2013 the onion of Alife has been recognized as a traditional product from MIPAAF becoming the official list of the Campania Region, and since January 2015 is a Slow Food Presidium.

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