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Elegant gift Pastificio dei Campi IGP Gragnano pasta, dedicated to those who love the spaghetti with tomato sauce. The package in fact contains several types of spaghetti to be matched to different types of tomato Campano.

Packaging: 4 packages of pasta from 500gr (spaghetti, noodles, vermicelli, noodles maxi), 4 cans of tomato sauce typical of Campania.

58,00 € tax incl.

Always the Spaghetti with tomato dish is more difficult to achieve. It's easy to say spaghetti with tomato sauce, but that's where you have to compete and that is where the chosen few accomplish the miracle. Not enough to be Italian to feel up to it, not even to be sure of Campani succeed. They are not sufficient even the most good and selected raw materials that the kit of the Pastificio dei Campi offers.

It takes sensitivity, knowledge, experience and a fundamentalist view of the matter, reasoned and felt. Because the food is serious, very serious.
Four tomatoes for four thicknesses. And vice versa.

For each format corresponds thick, with its diameter, and a recipe that is the result of careful study and measured the perfect balance between white gold and red (sometimes yellow). And woe to the sudden combination without knowledge of the facts, never! The "Spaghetti" for each trafilaio and pasta maker is 1.7mm: it has in it, as the navel of Venus, the perfect balance.
His cooking resistance, the release of starch checked and balanced sensation on the palate, making it always the Greenwich meridian the bakery. This thickness or diameter is universally recognized as the only Spaghetto.

Here we have combined the San Marzano tomato in our scale bell has the same value. This agreement contains a harmonious proportion of vegetable water, pulp and peel. The two together, linked by a good extra virgin olive oil, is the thesis of every great chef.

On the blocks then there are always variations on the theme. Among these the best known are: the Spaghettino with a diameter of 1.45mm, the worm with 2.1mm and Spaghetto Maxi 2.3mm.
We meant to each of these formats tomatoes temperament akin to them, so the delicate Spaghettino will match with the sweetness of soft yellow tomato Cilento; the robust worm will face the intense and vigorous corbarino Spaghetto Maxi will support the volcanic personality piennolo, softening, with greater release of starch in creaming, the bitterness that characterizes it.

Because there is Tomato and tomato. Spaghetti and spaghetti. This compendium of techniques and combinations, if followed to the letter, with devotion, will bring to your table the dish icon of Italy declined in four versions according to four different depth and intensity of taste, through gradations and precise coating thickness, deliberately dissomiglianti.
Because in this way the pasta with tomato sauce goes above: starting from a minimum common denominator, the sum of its parts leads to four hits, four dishes that will tell their parallel stories, lived just a few kilometers away, the bearers of dissimilar meanings and daughters of one great land, Campania, but distinct flavors and character, scents and approach that appeals, each in his own way, the faithful believer and beneficiary of the miracle-maker.

May we suggest a combination of cheeses, hard for people, not purist, he prefers to complicate their lives. Arm yourself with abundant basil and, after this prayer, Pastificio dei Campi di Gragnano wishes you four times good preparation and good appetite!

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