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Apricot Vesuvius PGI variety "Pellecchiella" is one of the fruits of excellence of the fertile soils on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Sweet, juicy, fragrant and nutritious fruit rich in potassium and carotene.

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Packing: 2kg carton box

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2,05 € per Kg

The apricot jam is the most classic of preserves, tasty, delicate, sweet ... is ideal for some great pies. Ingredients: Vesuvian apricot 80%, lemon juice and fructose Package: Glass jar of 300 gr

5,45 €

Juice rich in healing properties, a concentration of vitamin A and C, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Ingredients: Vesuvian apricot 66%, fructose Package: Glass jar of 720 ml and of 250 ml

2,50 €

Delicious and fragrant, this extra apricot jam of Pellecchiella variety produced by GiòSole Masseria, is indicated for breakfast, a snack or for the preparation of delicious tarts. Ingredients: Fresh fruit (minimum 70%), apricots, sugar, lemon juice.

5,30 €

Apricot juice is a product that is made with the best fruit varieties Pellecchiella, collected in orchards of Masseria GiòSole when they have reached the right degree of maturity and the right amount of sugar. Ingredients: fresh fruit (minimum 75%) apricots, sugar, lemon juice, ascorbic acid. Packaging: 720 ml glass bottle

3,50 €

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