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The Melannurca apple from Campania PGI is one of the agriculture products Campana excellence. Good and tasty to be eaten fresh, the Melannurca apple is also suitable for the preparation of sweets, liqueurs Melannurca and fruit juices.

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The typical characteristics of Melannurca apple from Campania PGI is the collection that normally occurs in September-October when the fruit is still immature and maturing that is completed in the "supers". The fruits are collected just lying on the ground resting on a soft bed composed of pine needles, wood chips or other plant material and exposed to light (but not directly to the sun's rays) to complete their maturation which is usually completed within the November. During the stay in the "melai" the fruits are arranged in lines, exposing to light the less reddened and turned over periodically and manually to complete the ripening and coloring of fruit evenly.
And this practice, aimed at completing the ripening of fruit by conventional methods and procedures is made all by hand, to enhance the quality of Melannurca apple from Campania PGI, giving those typical values ​​that no other apple can boast.

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