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Fiordilatte is a fresh pulled-curd cheese obtained from raw cow’s full milk of several milkings over the course of a maximum of 16 hours since it has to be delivered extremely fresh to undergo processing. It originates in the Southern Apennines in the region Campania.

Ingredients: uncooked cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt

Packaging: 400 gr and 800 gr (about)

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The fior di latte cheese is a fresh cheese with spun dough, obtained through an artisan that involves the use of raw whole milk cow from more milkings over a maximum of 16 hours, as it goes ùconsegnato fresh processing.

The fior di latte cheese is a native of the Southern Apennines, but to Agerola is the most famous in Campania, made with a milk quota of fine breed agerolese which makes it especially tasty. E 'today declined in different variations in shape and weight, to meet the different requirements of distribution and of the table.

Product characteristics


Fiordilatte cheese cherries

Production place:

AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)

Type of product:

extremely fresh product


fiordilatte processed and made into titbits of 70 g. and 100 g and round cherries of ca. 20 g.


Variant of the fiordilatte cheese shape, which maintains all of the characteristics which are typical of fiordilatte. Soft and stingy cheese, cut into various shapes. Produced with cow’s milk. It has a typical, deliciously sourish milk taste.


uncooked cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt.

Organoleptic characteristics


no crust, evenly smooth and shiny surface, milky white colour, when it is being cut and/or when pressed it releases small drops of milk.


evenly milky white, with no stains or streaks.


typical, sapid, of fresh dairy product, delicately sourish.


typical, of slightly sourish milk.

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