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Craft beer Tscho pale golden color, with opalescent white foam compact and creamy.

 Packaging: 1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

9,30 € tax incl.

To the nose the beer Tscho produced by Maltovivo brewery highlights fruity notes in a setting of delicate aromas of malt and hops.

To the tasting, the roundness and the lightness of the body give way to read honeyed notes that are softened in a dry finish, moderately bitter.

Beer with great drinkability and lightness. Served at a temperature of 6-8 ° C in the classic glass, ideally accompanies appetizers and entrees not disdaining pairings with light first and risotto, even fish.

Beer brewed with pure spring water, microbiologically controlled.

Fermentation - High

Style - kolsch

Color - Golden yellow opalescent

Foam - White Compact

Aroma - Malty, honeyed, with light notes of fruit

Taste - Light body, feelings malty and dry finish

Alcohol - 5.2%

Serving temperature - 6-8 ° C

Pairings - Snacks and appetizers, light first and risotto

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