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Craft beer reddish with orange highlights, the Fahrenheit comes with a compact and creamy foam  by the colors hazelnut.

Packaging:  1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

9,80 € tax incl.

The Fahrenheit craft beer produced by the Maltovivo brewery offers an aromatic complexity to the nose that finds a pleasant balance between fruity esters and well-known malt sweets. Flashes of light toasted. To taste the fruity flavors blend with the delicate malt character and give a unique and profound taste sensation that is rooted in a general pleasantness and elegance. The body of medium structure, together with an alcoholic character soft and hardly noticeable, dissolves in a beer of extraordinary freshness and drinkability.

Very balanced aftertaste that leaves emerge slowly a pleasant and delicate touch of bitterness. Served at a temperature around 10° C in a glass cup, one is to accompany you in any culinary experimentation. Predisposed to aging.

Beer brewed with pure spring water, microbiologically controlled.

Fermentation - High

Style - Belgian strong ale

Color - Amber

Foam - Beige

Aroma - Red fruit, notes of malt

Taste - Fruit flavors blend with the delicate malt character

Alcohol - 7.5%

Serving temperature - 10 - 12 ° C

Pairings - First structured, soups, braised

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