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The Black Lizard craft beer has a mocha color with a compact and creamy foam, to the nose it shows predominantly coffee notes in a frame of delicate roasting.

Packaging: 1 bottle by 75 cl - 6 bottles by 75 cl

10,99 € tax incl.

Tasting the Black Lizard craft beer, produced by the Maltovivo brewery, shows flavors ranging from chocolate to coffee with passages of caramel and licorice and notes of light smoked. The body, round and soft, gives an extraordinary drinkability despite the complexity of aromas and flavors. In the aftertaste, the roasted notes are dissolved in a bitter dry and clean, inviting drinking again.

Served at a temperature of 8-10 ° C in the classic pint, goes well with tasty grilled meat and, for those who dare, dessert with coffee or chocolate. It also adore accompany gatherings of friends on a jazz music.

Beer brewed with pure spring water, microbiologically controlled.

Fermentation high

Style robust porter

Color brown dark

Foam dark beige

Aroma toasted, coffee, barley and light smoky notes

Taste flavors toasted ranging from chocolate to coffee that leave the palate dry

Alcohol 6.5%

Serving temperature 8-10 ° C

Serving dishes smoked, grilled meats, soups, cereals, coffee or chocolate dessert

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