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Titaly - Italian Taste



This site was created by a group of professionals who have understood the role of the Italian food and wine, whose objective is to promote and enhance the excellence of Italian food with a specific attention to the Campania region.

Through the selection of producers of excellence, this site aims to become a point of attraction in which such elements as quality, typicality, culture and tradition are combined with the concepts of sustainability, accessibility and cheapness. Our goal is not only to sell, but also to inform and educate, highlighting the origin and the production process of products.

Our mission is to spread around the world the Campania food heritage, which is  craftsmanship and high quality, in order to convey to the consumer a more careful choice and a real selection of the environmental and social gourmet quality,

We want to make sure that our consumers are able to recognize the true product which comes from Campania, analyzing the labels, checking the quality mark and the origins of the product.

The passion for food and the variety of products offered on our e-commerce are the tools we are going to use to lead our customers into an exceptional journey of tastes and emotions.

The name Titaly was born from the merger of two words: Taste and Italy. In fact Titaly means Italian Taste.

The biggest Titaly goal is to show how high-quality products can be available to all: easily available and at sustainable prices.