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The Soppressata of Sannio is one of the most renowned products of the Campania tradition. The meat is cut into pieces, seasoned with salt and black peppercorns and then stuffed in natural buds with the addition of small lard cubes that characterize the product for the typical flavors and softness. The maturing takes not less than two months.

Packing: 300gr

10,20 € tax incl.


Tomaso Salumi has been involved in the processing of cured meat since 1962.

Eugenio's current owner, granddaughter of the grandfather of the same name who founded the business, and boast over 30 years of experience in this field and a strong desire to experience and to get involved in improving their work.

Over the years, the reputation of Tomaso Salumi and his team has grown increasingly and the awards have not longed to be alive; there are so many quotes and articles of enogastronomic magazines dedicated to the work and work of Carthusian family Eugenio, including Espresso Napoletano and Il Gambero Rosso.

In addition, there are many appearances for the brand at Salone Del Gusto in Turin and CIBUS in Parma, a sign that the company has all the rules in order to make its products known, of great quality, even outside of the Campania borders.

Attention to detail

The pursuit of excellence is what characterizes the company Tomaso Salumi who has made quality his philosophy and his work credo.

Respect for the traditions handed down from father to son and master craftsmanship combined with a continuous study of animal and product handling methods blend perfectly with the use of modern equipment and cutting edge methods.

Every stage of the work is aimed at obtaining a product of the highest quality, with the color and the unmistakable flavor, which satisfies the taste of the most demanding audience and even before that of Eugenio Tomaso, first taster and critic of his work.

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