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The salami Napoli is a sausage typical of the Campania region consists of pork and various flavoring ingredients.

Ingredients: pork, salt and spices

Wrapper: natural bowel

Seasoning: 60 days

Storage: Keep in a cool place

9,80 € tax incl.

21,75 € per Kg


The salami called “Napoli” is really produced everywhere in Campania, and it has many characteristics similar to Salame di Mugnano del Cardinale, amongst which, that it was historically considered such a high quality merchandise that it was used to pay for professional work and eaten during celebrations. This use made it a precious good to which many precautions were dedicated to maintain intact the flavour and genuineness of the meats. These have becomes with time part of the production, fumigation and aging techniques that have been passed from father to son.

The fat used must be the hard covering and pancetta fat. Meat and fat must be ground using a die with 12-14 mm diameter holes. The fat added to the dough cannot exceed 25% and the natural gut must be pork or veal.

The transformation and aging are done following traditional methods and the drying and aging have to be done in ventilated places. While drying thesalami is also fumigated. The minimum aging time changes according to the size but it is never less than 30 days.

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