05 set, 2018

The 2018 season of Sicilian Oranges of Ribera begins !!! Available now on Titaly.it

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Also this year Titaly.it distributes the tasty Sicilian red oranges of Ribera.

As soon as they are collected from the tree, they are placed in boxes and sent directly to your home, so you can enjoy the original taste of this fruit rich in vitamin C.


An enchanting landscape, a lush and uncontaminated nature, full of colors and scents. The valleys of the Orange of Ribera (valley of the esperidi) are called the Ecological Niche of the cultivation of the orange of Ribera Riberella and represent the chosen areas of the entire cultivation area of ​​the orange of Ribera. In this valley, the optimal balance between the nature of the soil and the climate, the excellent quality of the water and the expert cultivation of citrus growers ensure that the best production of blond oranges from Ribera is obtained.

A true gift of nature, a fruit that seems to contain within itself the rays and the warmth of the Sicilian sun, identified with the golden apple of the garden of the Hesperides. The orange of Ribera is a blonde orange, from the Navel group, seedless and with a peel easily detachable from the pulp, with a very pleasant and crunchy taste, with a high vitamin content (C, A, B, PP), mineral salts and sugars.

It represents a natural wealth capable of providing a healthy diet, substances that are very important for growth. Consumed both in its fresh state and as a juice it is the main source of vitamin C which is antioxidant and contributes to the strengthening of the immune system.

Doctors and nutrition specialists agree to assign to blond orange a very important role in daily nutrition, and for its exceptional nutritional characteristics, they recommend it in diets. The orange of Ribera, consumed as a juice, has a high quenching power.

All these characteristics make the orange particularly pleasing to the consumer that at any time of the day, during school or work intervals can make use of it. And because of its high digestibility and low acidity it is very well consumed even in the evening.

Particularly used for the preparation of drinks and cocktails of all kinds, they enhance the aroma, making them particularly appreciated by young people, and enrich their olfactory and gustatory properties. An original starter based on Ribera oranges is an indication of refinement and good taste. In preparing the first and second courses, the Ribera oranges have a prominent place both as basic ingredients and as a garnish.


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