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Delights Rustic Easter is a composition of typical products of the Neapolitan Easter tradition; the rustic pie par excellence called "Neapolitan Casatiello" and taralli with suet, pepper  and almonds. All it accompanied by a wine typical of the Sorrentine Peninsula: red Gragnano by Sorrento DOC

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Neapolitan Casatiello: ingredients and preparation

At the center of the flour (about 500 gr) is to bring about 40 grams of tempered yeast in warm water, salt, pepper, and about 50 grams of lard. He hand-knead the dough vigorously working and then turn it rise in a covered and letting doubled in volume. It then works forming a closed circle in order to introduce 100 grams of lard, 500 gr of salami naples, rustic bacon, Parmesan and Romano cheese. It then wraps the whole tearing the dough and creating a roll to be placed in a round baking pan greased with lard. They fit inside fermandole six raw eggs with cross strips of dough kept aside. Leave to rise for a long time and cook in the oven for about 40 minutes at 175 ° until the surface is golden and crisp.

Neapolitans Taralli with Suet and Pepper: ingredients

flour, water, pork fat (lard), yeast, salt, pepper, peeled almonds.

Gragnano red of the Sorrento Peninsula DOC

Data sheet:

Classification: DOC red

Grapes: Aglianico 30% - 70% Piedirosso

Soil characteristics: sandy

Training system: pergola

Harvest: the second half of October

Production per hectare: 80 quintals

Winemaking: soft pressing and natural fermentation.

Alcoholic degree: 11.5%

Serving temperature: 10 ° C

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Famous and appreciated wine typical of the Sorrento Peninsula, intense ruby color shows the foam with violet hues. He has fruity flavor, smooth taste and pleasant flavor and crisp. Food match: salami and pasta with small tomatoes from the Vesuvius area, pizza marinara, buffalo milk mozzarella. It is an excellent aperitif. Size: bottle 75 cl

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Produced according to the old recipe handed down from generation to generation, it is handmade, using only ingredients of protected origin PDO first choice, which make it a product from the fine taste and high quality. Packaging: 1.5 kg - 2.0 kg - 3.0 kg Storage: Store in a cool place Shelf life: 7-10 days from manufacture date

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Savory biscuits typical Neapolitan Ingredients: flour, water, pork fat (lard), yeast, salt, pepper, peeled almonds Storage: in a cool place Shelf life: 15 to 20 days from the date of production Combination: as a snack or simply accompanied by a cold beer

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