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Savory biscuits typical Neapolitan

Ingredients: flour, water, pork fat (lard), yeast, salt, pepper, peeled almonds

Storage: in a cool place

Shelf life: 15 to 20 days from the date of production

Combination: as a snack or simply accompanied by a cold beer

18,50 € tax incl.

The origins of the Neapolitan Tarallo with Lard and Pepper

The Neapolitan tarallo lard and pepper (or to put it in the Neapolitan dialect “taralli 'nzogna epepe”) have an ancient history that was founded in 700. The bakers of the time in fact, intertwined leftovers of bread which added lard and pepper and it made biscuits, while not to throw "the scrap" (leftovers of bread).

By 800, in the classic tarallo "nzogna e pepe" was added the almond and is under this guise that you know now these bagels Neapolitans.

Feature figure related to this product was that of "tarallaro" that, in the shoulder with his basket of tarallo covered with a woolen cloth to keep them warm and fragrant, ran through the city far and wide selling them to passers-by.

The tarallo are so famous and typical, not only in power, there is also space in the language. Unequivocally Neapolitan is the way to say: " Se ti tirassen’ na sport’e taralle, nun ne cadesse uno ‘nterra" (If they throw you a basket of bagels, none will fall to the ground).

Why? “Pecchè tien’e ccorna!!” (Because did the horns to you! That means your spouse has an affair with another man).

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