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Produced according to the old recipe handed down from generation to generation, it is handmade, using only ingredients of protected origin PDO first choice, which make it a product from the fine taste and high quality.

Packaging: 1.5 kg - 2.0 kg - 3.0 kg

Storage: Store in a cool place

Shelf life: 7-10 days from manufacture date

25,00 € tax incl.

The origins of the Neapoletan Casatiello

The origins of Casatiello be sought in those of bread, because it is bread. The fact that in Campania pastiera  cake and casatiello they had featured  convivial celebrations of Easter is documented since 1500 in the work of Giovanni Battista Del Tufo "Portrait or model of sizes, delights and wonders of the noble city of Naples", with a short composition in praise the Casatiello entitled "Tradition and cassatelli Neapolitan Easter":

"At Easter then they are no more sweet ones called cassatelli cooked with eggs, cheese and provature, until sugar, rose water and flowers, and with the other mixture as you do allor for every song on the evening of Holy Saturday at the latest."

In the tradition of Naples and around until the Second World War, for Easter was the custom among engaged couples to share a gourmet gift as a token of love, he offered a chocolate egg and flowers and she reciprocated with casatiello.

The historic area is the Agro Atellano and particularly in the municipality of the province of Caserta Sant'Arpino for which it claims the right to celebrate the birth, obtaining also the Denomination of Controlled Origin (D.O.C.) as typical specialties of its artisans.

Ingredients and preparation

At the center of the flour to "fountain" (about 500 grams) you put 40 grams of tempered yeast in warm water, salt, pepper, and about 50 grams of lard. Knead by hand working the dough vigorously and then turn it indoors and letting it rise to double its volume. It works then forming a closed circle in order to introduce 100 grams of pork fat, 500 grams of salami napoli, rustic bacon, pecorino Romano and Parmesan. Then wrap the whole thing tearing the dough and creating a roll to be placed in a round baking pan greased with lard. They fit within six raw eggs blocking them with strips of dough kept aside. Let rise for a long time and cook in the oven for about 40 minutes at 175 degrees until the surface is golden and crisp.

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