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The straw or wicker basket is the typical container in which are mainly packed food and wine to give away during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Titaly packs the selected products from the online catalog, taking care to prepare a gift basket with an elegant appearance and a rich quality content.

Special discounts for quantities greater than 2.

7,00 € tax incl.

Select the basket according to the size and total weight of the products:

Small - maximum weight 2kg (example: 3 preserves + 1 pack of pasta)
Medium - weight from 2kg to 4kg (example: 1 bottle + 2 packs pasta + 3 preserves + 1 salami)
Big - weight over 4kg (example: 2/3 bottles + 5 preserves + 4 packs pasta + cured meats)

Select the number of packages to buy to get the discounts:

- from 3 to 6 packs: 5% discount
- 7 to 12 packs: 10% discount
- over 12 packs: 15% discount

Package contents:

- 1 wicker / straw basket
- transparent cellophane sheets to wrap the basket
- tape for gift box of various types to wrap packs
- protection systems for the gift box inside the shipping box

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