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The apple liquor of the varietal "annurca" is an intense and fragrant drink. It is ideal to enjoy at the end of the meal, as a refreshing digestive, or as an icy aperitif. Alcohol: 30° Ingredients: sugar, alcohol, distillate Winter Apple, infusion of Winter Apple, apple juice, spices

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Banana cream is a liqueur that can be served and enjoyed year round, either as a digestive at the end of the meal or to accompany sweets of all kinds. It can also be used as an ingredient in syrups to wet cakes or give a special taste to fruit salads. Alcohol: 17°

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The production of cranberry liqueur is obtained by the infusion of cranberries in pure alcohol of the woods dei Monti Lattari on the Sorrento peninsula. The liquor with a pleasant taste, it is very pleasing to the feminine taste and is recommended as a digestive after the meal or served cold during the day. Alcoholic content: 22° Ingredients: Sugar,...

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Alcohol: 17° Ingredients: cherry from Sorrento hills, alcohol, sugar and Sorrento wine Package: glass bottle of 50 Cl

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Delicate liqueur flavored chestnut cream based cream, the low alcohol content and a delicate taste of chestnut flour.Alcoholic content: 17 °Packaging: glass bottle 50 Cl - 70

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Chocolate liquor cream has a low alcohol content while the taste of chocolate prevails. Great as a fine meal, to accompany a dessert, to garnish ice cream or cakes. Alcohol: 17°

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Coffee cream liquor is a delight, with a strong aroma of Neapolitan coffee. Serve cold and great for either drinking alone or accompanying a delicious dessert. Alcohol: 17°

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The liquor Black Coffee Espresso consists essentially aroma Napolitan espresso; In fact, for every liter of alcohol they are used 13 coffee, just as is done in Naples !! Tasty and fragrant, it is pleasant to drink it cold or at room temperature throughout the day. Ingredients: Sugar, alcohol, espresso wood roasted Alcohol: 22°

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Liqueur with fennel from fresh taste, helps digestion and is ideal to serve after a pleasant and abundant meal. Alcohol: 30° Ingredients: Sugar, alcohol, wild fennel

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Delicious and fragrant lemon jam, made only with lemons of Sorrento, is the right consistency, and spread into small pieces of pulp and peel. Intense flavor and aroma, color of their natural fruit. Serving suggestion: accompanying cheeses, meats and boiled whole food sweet. Packaging: jar 250 gr

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Cream made with lemons grown on the Sorrento features terraces, harmoniously combines the milk with the rich taste of lemons. Alcohol: 17° Package: glass bottle of 50 Cl - 70 Cl

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The licorice liqueur is made from an infusion in pure alcohol of the fine liquorice of Calabria, following the old recipe typical Calabrese. From unique flavor and unmistakable, is recommended as a digestive after the meal or to enjoy during the day too cold. Alcohol: 22° Ingredients: Alcohol, sugar, water, licorice Calabria

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