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Traditional Lucania cuisine is based on the simple ingredients of the peasant world with delicious tastes and flavors.

The first courses are the most accurately carried out by the chefs that exalt the simplicity of the Lucan table, as in the case of Aquasala, a mixture of eggs, oil and onion with stale bread.

Among the most frequent seconds, baccalà and peppers and baccalà a ciaruedda with fresh onions and chili peppers. In indoor areas, lamb and pork are the main ingredients of the second courses.

Among the more traditional desserts, sweet pancakes are among the few items that can be attributed to the typical Dalmatian cake.

The region boasts a wealth of olive trees of the highest quality from which excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced, among which the recognized DOP olive oil and the olives from Ferrandina.

Among the Lucani wines of excellence we have the Aglianico del Vulture, one of the most prestigious reds of the national oenological product DOC produced in Basilicata since the VIII century BC. Other vineyards are the White Bombino, Black Bombino, Verdeca, Basilicata White Malvasia and Basilicata Black