Cured meat types of Campania and Italians derived from the processing and processing of the precious black pig Casertano. This pig has the characteristic of having soft and tasty meats.

Black Piglet Casertano 

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Black Pork Capocollo of Sannio is a salami obtained by working the pork neck muscles. At the end of the work it is sacked in a natural gut. The seasoning is done with a wood fireplace and lasts 90-120 days. The product is particularly fragrant and has a soft consistency and a decidedly aromatic taste. Packing: 500gr

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Casertana breed black pork raw ham is prepared by hand only with a tanning of salt and natural aromas. The maturation period is 24/36 months. Intense taste that recalls the aromas of the forest and a deep sweetness, which comes from the type of breeding with feeding in the wild. Contains no preservatives. Product weight: approximately 4.5 kg Format:...

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