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Special Flours 

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Whole wheat flour obtained by grinding wheat "Senatore Cappelli", a variety of hard wheat ever subjected to genetic modifications without being subjected to sieving, thus preserving all the bran content and greatly increasing fiber intake. This product is ideal for the preparation of handmade pastas.

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Spelled flour is obtained by grinding the wheat caries of the grasses family. Low in calories and gluten, this spelled flour is rich in protein and vitamins from group B. From the most decidedly flavored, it is suitable for the production of bread, pasta and sweets. This product comes from organic farming. Packages:  500gr - 5kg - 10kg

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Wholemeal flour is the basic product for healthy and proper nutrition as it retains the natural properties of vegetable fibers, proteins and mineral salts unaltered. This product comes from organic farming. Packages: 3kg (6 packs of 500gr) - 5kg - 10kg

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Kamut wheat flour is mainly appreciated for its digestibility and its high protein content and vitamins. This particular flour has a flavor based on hazelnut aftertaste and is particularly suitable for pastry making and is very versatile in the kitchen. This product comes from organic farming. Packages: 3kg (6 packs of 500gr) - 5kg - 10kg

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The grinding with stone of type 1 flour has as its main characteristic to grind the whole grain of wheat at a low processing speed, thus maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties, thus giving the worked an authentic taste and a characteristic flavor. 100% Italian grain Packs: 10kg paper bag

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Diamante wheat flour type "00" allows the formation of a high quality glutin mesh and a good extensibility, ensuring an adequate development in cooking. Ideal for: croissants, croissants, Danish pasta and frozen products. 100% Italian grain Packs: 25kg paper bag

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