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Online sales of fresh products such as fruits and vegetables typical of Campania and other Italian regions. Controlled and certified quality.

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The Ribera oranges are among the most delicious oranges produced in Sicily. The variety Vanilla Apireno has a blond color and a delicate and fragrant taste. It does not contain seeds and is low in sugar, therefore also suitable for diabetics. Good to eat fresh or to be squeezed to prepare delicious orange juice. Available from November to March Package:...

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The Melannurca apple from Campania PGI is one of the agriculture products Campana excellence. Good and tasty to be eaten fresh, the Melannurca apple is also suitable for the preparation of sweets, liqueurs Melannurca and fruit juices.

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Apricot Vesuvius PGI variety "Pellecchiella" is one of the fruits of excellence of the fertile soils on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Sweet, juicy, fragrant and nutritious fruit rich in potassium and carotene. Availability: June Packing: 2kg carton box

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Onion of Alife is a Slow Food Presidium and it differs from the others for its balanced organoleptic character: tangy, calloused, sweet and not pungent at the right point. It is a great ingredient for soups, omelets and especially for the typical recipe of Neapolitan pasta alla Genovese. Packaging: bag by 5Kg

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