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Online sale of Lucania excellence food and wine products. Craft products and crafts that preserve the traditions of the past and the unique flavors of a land rich in quality dishes, oils and wines.


In this category you will find wine and food products of excellence of the Calabria Italian region.


Online sales of the products of Campania food and wine excellence. Wines, oils, dairy products such as buffalo mozzarella DOP, limoncello di Sorrento and many other products that tell the treasures of this region called in the times of the Romans and Greeks Campania Felix.

Emilia Romagna

In this category you will find wine and food products of excellence of the Emilia Romagna Italian region.


In this category you will find wine and food products of excellence of the Lazio Italian region.


Piedmont is a region rich in wine and food products of excellence that have earned over time marks DOC, IGT, DOP and IGP.

The territories of the Canavese, Langhe and Monferrato are best known for the production of wines from all over the world such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barolo and many others. But in these lands is not only wine to excel; There are cheeses from the hills of Piedmont pastures such as Bra, Castelmagno, Toma and Robbiola, or the famous white truffle D'Alba that is the basis of many Piedmontese recipes.

Very popular also the Piemontese excellence in the production of chocolate. Turin it boasts a chocolate tradition that has its roots in 1700. It is here that was invented Gianduja, obtained by mixing cocoa and sugar with the famous Piedmontese hazelnuts.


In this category you will find for online sale typical products of Sicily Region. Buy soon your best Italian food and wine!

Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige is one of the most famous regions of Italy for its food and wine products, in particular for cheeses produced in the high mountains and wines among which the most famous are the Pinot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

Buy online typical products from Trentino!

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The Arancello liqueur is produced by marinating the organic orange peels in alcohol, to which is added a syrup of sugar and water, without preservatives and dyes. Service temperature: 1-2 ° C. Alcohol content: 28% Packaging: glass bottle 50cl

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Green olives Nocellara DOP have a bright green color to the protected designation of origin. Sweet with meaty flesh and crisp, easily detached from the core. Conbination: wash and season to taste. Perfect for appetizers and snacks, great for all the recipes. Packaging: 500 gr

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Cirò red wine made from Gaglioppo grapes, typical of Calabrian hills of San Biagio. Serving suggestions: suitable for roasts, game and strong dishes. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

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Cirò white wine comes from a selection of Greek native white grapes.By pale yellow color, delicate taste, the taste is dry and fresh, pleasant scent. Serving suggestions: suitable for the first fish and seafood. Serve at a temperature of 10 ° C. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

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Cirò rosé wine made from grapes Gaglioppo. pleasant and harmonious taste. Serving suggestions: suitable for all pasta dishes. Serve cool. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

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Composition of 2 bottles Cirò DOC red wine San Biagio, 2 bottles Cirò DOC rosé wine Piper and 2 bottles Cirò DOC white wine Diamante. Cirò DOC wine, in his Red and Rosé varieties, is produced with grapes from vines Gaglioppo and, in a maximum of 5%, from Trebbiano Toscano and Greek White. Packaging: 6 glass bottles by 75 cl

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The Ribera oranges are among the most delicious oranges produced in Sicily. The variety Vanilla Apireno has a blond color and a delicate and fragrant taste. It does not contain seeds and is low in sugar, therefore also suitable for diabetics. Good to eat fresh or to be squeezed to prepare delicious orange juice. Available from November to March Package:...

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Pivot IGT is a red wine produced in Frascati area, part of Lazio italian region. Pivot IGT is an extraordinary red wine made from a blend of fine grapes the Cesanese 60%, Merlot 20% and Cabernet Sauvignon 20%. Maturing takes place in oak barrels for 12 months and then continue the period of aging in bottle. Alcohol content: 13.5% Serving temperature:...

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Parmigiano-Reggiano POD is a cheese without additives or preservatives, hard cheese made from raw milk, partially skimmed. Excellent in the filling of traditional stuffed pasta such as tortelli, ravioli and cappelletti, it can also be served alone along with a serving platter of various salami and cured meats and marmalade or jam. Seasoning: 30 months

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Parmesan cheese DOP is produced from the milk of Red Reggiana Cows, and exclusively worked in the zone of origin according to UE norms. Excellent in the filling of traditional stuffed pasta; it can also be served alone along with a serving platter of various salami and cured meats and marmalade or jam. Seasoning: 20-24 months

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The black olive "Itrana", besides being used for the production of oil is also very appreciated as table olive.Unmistakable taste is great for salads or as an ingredient in sauces and various dishes. Packaging: jar with pickled olives

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The DOC Chardonnay white wine from Trentino Alto Adige has a pale yellow color and hints of tropical fruit. The palate is soft and harmonious, with a slight salty note and mineral. Main combinations are mixed seafood raw and cooked for first courses and also to accompany seafood dishes both grilled or oven. Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C

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