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The Cilento & Tradizione company, founded in 2013, has as its main purpose to contribute more and more to the development of the Cilento system, enhancing its products and typical features starting from the small town in which it is rooted: Trentinara, better known as “Terrazza of Cilento”.

With the desire to "live" and "stay" in this wonderful area surrounded by mountains and sea, the artisan company Cilento & Tradizione, through the simplicity of its products, encloses and protects the identity of the territory itself.

The supply of the carefully selected raw materials is simple and local and are strictly indigenous; the production process is typically artisan, guaranteed by strict quality controls.

Our product speaks for itself: local, traditional and tasty, but above all "Made in Cilento".

Starting from local traditions, from the preparation of homemade desserts and goodness, the artisan company Cilento & Tradizione recovers and reinterprets the recipes "handed down by the grandmother", to keep its identity and memory alive.

Tradition and innovation coexist in the production of typical pastries, enriched with specific and quality products such as buffalo milk from Campania, organic honey, local flours also made with ancient grains and the famous white fig of Cilento DOP; all, strictly without the addition of preservatives.

The Cartoccio packet is a composition of biscuits typical of Cilento artisan pastry, all made with buffalo milk from Campania. Package contents: murzelletti, murzelleti with almond, murzelleti with honey, murzelleti with Cilento white fig POD, pastries "mestacciuoli", sweet taralli.

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