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Orto Chef is a company that is born from a multi-year experience in the field of cultivation of genuine products and catering excellence.

Satisfying the growing needs of a clientele attentive to the consumption of high quality products, is the main objective of this craft company.

The products, grown according to strict and safe standards, are processed fresh as soon as they are harvested and processed in a traditional way and without using preservatives! All this to preserve the quality and the genuineness of our preserves

The recipes of the preserves are prepared by chef Angelo, who has always been involved in research, experimentation and re-evaluation of the products of his land.

Aubergines, courgettes, fennels, green beans, broccoli, pumpkin, peppers, artichokes and many other products, are prepared with a few ingredients such as grains of pink and black pepper, garlic, oil and chilli without additives and preservatives according to recipes handed down for generations.

The use of our products in unique recipes will bring to the table combinations of flavors and aromas of other times.

The artichokes cloves in oil produced by Orto Chef are harvested and processed between February and April. They are also highly appreciated those roasted and pepper flavored. Ingredients: artichokes, sunflower oil, aromas, vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, chilli PACKAGING: 580ml

8,90 €

The broccoli used for this preserves is the typical "broccoli barese" from Puglia region and harvested in the winter months. The full and full flavor is made even more irresistible thanks to the black olives of Gaeta (or Itrane) and garlic Irpino. Ingredients: baresique broccoli, black olives of Gaeta (or Itrane), sunflower oil, aromas, vinegar, garlic,...

8,10 €

For the preparation of fennel with pink pepper, they are using fennel produced in the area of BATTIPAGLIA in SALERNO province, from the beginning of March to April, together with other ingredients such as the pink pepper that enhances its flavor by creating an excellent blend Ingredients: fennel, pink pepper, sunflower oil, aromas, wine vinegar, salt,...

8,20 €

Green beans in oil are crispy and taste delicious thanks to the addition of aromas such as oregano, garlic and chili. They are just harvested to preserve their crispness and keep the flavor intact. Ingredients: green beans, sunflower oil, aromas, vinegar, garlic, salt, chilli PACKAGING: 580ml

7,80 €

Chef's mushrooms in oil are prepared by combining two qualities of mushrooms, pleurotus and prataioli, flavored with peppercorns, garlic and chili peppers. Ingredients: Pleurotus and prataioli mushrooms, garlic, sunflower oil, pepper, carrot, wine vinegar, aromas, salt, chilli pepper. PACKAGING: 580ml

8,50 €

For the preparation of the Neapolitan broccoli "friarielles" in oil, only the tops of broccoli are used, by the intense green color and the unique flavor. Great to accompanying fried pork sausage, as a starter and for filling pizzas. Ingredients: friarielli (inflorescences of turnip greens), sunflower oil, aromas, wine vinegar, garlic, salt, chilli...

8,00 €

For this preserves of peppers in oil, only the characteristic four-tipped peppers typical of Campania are used. Just harvested are cut into fillets and then seasoned with Gaeta black olives, Sicilian capers and garlic. Ingredients: peppers, capers, olives, sunflower oil, aromas, Gaeta olives, wine vinegar, garlic, salt, chili pepper. PACKAGING: 580ml

7,90 €

Appreciated for its versatility, the pumpkin in oil is worked by Orto Chef between September and February; the pumpkin is then grilled and marinated, adding peppercorns, garlic and chili pepper. Ingredients: pumpkin, sunflower oil, aromas, wine vinegar, salt, chilli pepper PACKAGING: 580ml

8,20 €

Mixture of freshly harvested fresh vegetables. This vegetable salad in bitter-sweet is ideal for starters, seasoning rice or pasta salad or for preparing the famous Neapolitan "reinforced" salad, eaten during Christmas parties. Ingredients: peppers, fennel, celery, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, black olives, sunflower oil, aromas, wine vinegar, salt,...

8,00 €

Only the typical Neapolitan San Pasquale zucchini with delicate flavor is used for the preparation of zucchini in oil. To ensure a quality product, the Orto Chef company works within 6 hours of harvesting, ensuring crispness and freshness. Ingredients: zucchini (San Pasquale), sunflower oil, aromas, wine vinegar, garlic, salt, chili. PACKAGING: 580ml

7,50 €
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