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Composition of 2 bottles Cirò DOC red wine San Biagio, 2 bottles Cirò DOC rosé wine Piper and 2 bottles Cirò DOC white wine Diamante. Cirò DOC wine, in his Red and Rosé varieties, is produced with grapes from vines Gaglioppo and, in a maximum of 5%, from Trebbiano Toscano and Greek White. Packaging: 6 glass bottles by 75 cl

52,00 €

Cirò red wine made from Gaglioppo grapes, typical of Calabrian hills of San Biagio. Serving suggestions: suitable for roasts, game and strong dishes. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

9,40 €

Cirò rosé wine made from grapes Gaglioppo. pleasant and harmonious taste. Serving suggestions: suitable for all pasta dishes. Serve cool. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

9,40 €

Cirò white wine comes from a selection of Greek native white grapes.By pale yellow color, delicate taste, the taste is dry and fresh, pleasant scent. Serving suggestions: suitable for the first fish and seafood. Serve at a temperature of 10 ° C. Packaging: glass bottle  75 cl

9,40 €
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