Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese 

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Bocconcini mozzarella buffalo are produced exclusively with Bufala Campana PDO milk and has the shape of small cherries with a weight ranging from 20 to 30 grams. Ingredients: pasteurised buffalo’s milk, rennet and salt Duration: consume within 5 days from the date of production

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Braid of buffalo mozzarella produced exclusively from the milk of Bufala Campana PDO, owes its name to the braiding of the pasta after spinning, first dipping it in the whey and then cooled in the desired shape. Ingredients: pasteurised buffalo’s milk, rennet and salt. Packaging: tie top by 1000/2000 gr

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The Buffalo Mozzarella POD is the most valuable fresh cheese soft pasta of Campania and famous all over the world. It is produced exclusively with milk Buffalo Campana following the strict rules of production expected by the PDO. Ingredients: pasteurized milk Buffalo, rennet, salt. The product is immersed in the preserving liquid consisting of water,...

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