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Fine olive oil produced in the territory of Sannio Benevento, fluid and yellow color with green highlights. This extra virgin olive oil by the delicate and intense aroma, should be stored at cellar temperature (12-16 ° C) and is used to flavor salads and soups raw and as an essential ingredient in the kitchen. Size: bottle 75 cl

14,40 €

This fantastic oil from yellow thinly veiled, fruity with light hints of cut grass and green tomato in using raw on bread, vegetables, soups and fish. Used in cooking is a true elixir of health and pleasure, which enhances the flavors of the typical foods of the Mediterranean tradition, enriching them with unique fragrances and magic. Size: bottle 25 cl

7,50 €

Pale color, aromatic, rich in floral perfumes Content 0,75 lt

12,00 €

The Aglianico Guardiolo DOC "reserve" is a fine red wine typical of Italy, bottled in 2007, ruby red color, with intense and persistent aromas of ripe fruit with notes of balsamic. Serving suggestions: the wine goes well with the first dry, white meat cooked in the oven and medium-aged cheeses. Contents: 75 cl

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Aglianico is a wine typically southern, introduced by the Greeks and splendidly acclimatized in Campania in the provinces of Avellino and Benevento, ruby ​​red color, rich aromas of blackberries and raspberries Serving suggestions: the wine goes well with the first dry, but also white meats baked and medium-aged cheeses. Contents: 75 cl

13,66 €

Excellent traditional Aglianico rosè wine of Sannio Campania, the cherry pink color, fragrant and floral with hints. Serving: the wine goes well with the first dry, but also white meats baked and medium-aged cheeses. Contents: 75 cl

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Excellent Falanghina sparkling wine of Sannio Campania, by transparent color with green highlights. The palate is elegant, fresh, fruity with good acidity. The sparkle is fine and persistent. Serving suggestions: to be enjoyed cold as either aperativo or to accompany appetizers and lunches based on fish. But especially for a toast. Contents: 75 cl

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Exquisite passito wine Falanghina Sannio DOP. Yellow gold with a significant residual sugar never cloying. The aromas reminiscent of dried fruit and candy, as well as sensations of ripe tropical fruit. Serving suggestions: to taste with medium-aged cheeses, or as a dessert to accompany dry pastries. Contents: 0,375 cl

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Wine typical of Benevento in Campania, from straw color, has an intense aroma with distinct floral notes. Serving suggestions: wine Falanghina particularly enhances shellfish and seafood. Content: 75 cl

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Falanghina Sannio DOC is one of the finest wines of the Campania region, produced mainly in the province of Benevento. It has a pale yellow color with green hues, rich and fragrant floral scents. Serving suggestions: it goes perfectly with shellfish, seafood salads and seasoned cheese and fresh. Content: 75 cl

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Excellent wine produced in Sannio Benevento in Campania, of straw color, with strong floral scents, intense and persistent Serving suggestions:  Sannio Fiano  wine fits nicely to accompany dishes of fish, shellfish, shrimp, octopus, baked fish, fresh cheese and white meat. Contents: 75 cl

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