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Tenuta Matilde Zasso is one of the largest and interesting reality winemaking area flegrea. A company with a long tradition of wine for three generations and the only in Pozzuoli which produces wines Doc Campi Flegrei.

We are at the end of the 800, when his grandfather, Michele Vicidomini, inspired by love for their land and the charm of the great wines of the Campi Flegrei began his career at the Monte di Procida, which produces small amounts of wine for the family, using traditional methods of processing and selling the wine in "quartaruli".
But it is in 1958 that his son, Salvatore Vicidomini with his wife Matilda, wanting to continue the family tradition moved the headquarters in Pozzuoli near the Solfatara volcano and not only sell wine, but begin to bottle it, turning a passion into a great company.
Founded the 'farm' Tenuta Matilde Zasso '.
Here come the first machines for bottling, and then rise as the use of new technologies for winemaking.
In 1994, following the recognition of the DOC (controlled denomination of origin) for the Falanghina and Piedirosso, apart from the production of DOC wines of the Campi Flegrei, and we are witnessing a new expansion of the company with the acquisition of new vines.


Aglianico DOC from Sannio is a noble red wine obtained from the pressing of homonymous grapes. Great if drunk young, but if aged in barrique for at least two years, further enhances its aromas.Food matches: ideal companion for cured meats and cheeses, roasts, game and dishes with a strong taste.Serving temperature: 16-18 ° CPackaging: 75 cl bottle

8,40 €

Excelso 14 DOC is a 100% Aglianico of Sannio, with a ruby red color tending towards garnet, intense, decisive and enveloping an explosion of sensations to be shared.Packaging: 75 cl bottle

11,90 €

The white wine FALANGHINA DOC FROM CAMPI FLEGREI has the pale yellow with greenish hues, the nose fresh, delicate, pleasant with scents of broom and a strong minerality and with the right acidity. Packaging: bottle by 75 cl

8,90 €

The red wine PIEDIROSSO DOC FROM CAMPI FLEGREI has a ruby red soft flavor and elegant and at the same time decided, his pleasant minerality with a slight sulfurous acceno given territory from purely volcanic. This typical wine of Campania, also called "Per 'e Palummo", is so named for the color of the pedicels of grapes, reminiscent of the color of paw...

8,90 €

The Roseus Pes PGI is a 100% Piedirosso wine with a cherry-red color and green notes of red fruits on the nose, including recognizable frankly wild strawberry. On the palate this wine rosé instead of Campania has an impact soft and fresh, with a tenuous mineral flavor in the final. Packaging: bottle 75 cl

7,50 €

The white wine Fiano of Avellino DOCG has a deep golden yellow color, the nose has hints of pear, toasted hazelnut and pineapple. It has a good acidity, good body and evident notes of toasted hazelnuts.Packaging: 75 cl bottle

11,90 €
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