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The company Terre del Principe, located in the heart of Campania, is the small company of excellence of Peppe Mancini and Manuela Piancastelli, born around the rediscovery of three ancient native grapes of Campania: Pallagrello white, Pallagrello Nero and Casavecchia.
The work of recovery of these old varieties "forget" was made by the founder Peppe Mancini since the '90s, and has given the commitment, for five years, the University of Naples and the Campania Region for the inclusion of grapes in the National Catalogue of wine grapes.
The company is located in the town of Castel Campagnano, Upper Caserta, between the massifs of Taburno and Matese. Terre del Principe works exclusively own grapes from the 12 hectares of vines on clay and sandy soils, in full respect of the environment (agronomic biological) and produces about 50 thousand bottles per year.
Terre del Principe, which is advised by Luigi Moio oenologist, has repeatedly received prestigious awards: Three Glasses by Gambero Rosso to 5 Clusters Bibenda, the Three Stars Veronelli up to 93/100 by Robert Parker.

In an area where land ownership is highly fractionated, the hundred bushels of lord of the place, just over 30 hectares, representing such a rarity to lend his name to a location between Ruviano and Castel Campagnano mentioned in ancient maps of the place. Year: 2012 Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

25,50 €

The locality Serole, in Ruviano, appears in ancient maps of the area. Characterized by an imposing and beautiful ruins of an ancient farmhouse, there is still a threshing floor for common use, dating back to 1829, the so-called "Air Nova", where farmers met to process the products of the earth, to dance and sing , on summer evenings. Year: 2013...

24,00 €

The name comes from Ambruco linguistic contamination of "Vitis labrusca", or wild grape. In the homonymous village, near Castel Campagnano, there were old trees of wild vines considered by farmers, for their age, almost sacred. Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

25,50 €

This wine takes its name Vignarella Manuela, in front of Mount Taburno: Vineyard Piancastelli, in fact. Born as a challenge to make a great wine for meditation with Pallagrello black and Casavecchia. Year: 2012 Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

36,60 €

This wine comes from a blend of black & Pallagrello Casavecchia, red grapes vinified in white. The name is a tribute to the river Volturno, from Hannibal to Garibaldi, has determined the history of our country. It 'a wine that we love to combine the great seafood cuisine of Campania and pizza. Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl

14,50 €

Sasso di Riccardo is a tribute to Castel di Sasso, a small town Casertano, and the little Riccardo. Riccardo has received the gift of the Vignarella del Sasso, which has been handed down in the family for several generations. From that Vignarella comes this sweet thought to match with the Conciato Romano, precious and ancient sheep cheese. Packaging:...

27,50 €

From the vineyards of the "casa vecchia" was born the sweet wine Il Sasso di Riccardo, a wine that goes nicely with sheep cheese Conciato Romano also produced in the area of Castel di Sasso. Packaging: glass bottle 75 cl, nr. 1 jar of clay, no. 2 cheeses from 200g ca and liquid seasoning (olive oil, wine vinegar Casavecchia, piperna and chili)

65,00 €
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