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Anna Chiavazzo Artisan is the Maestra Pasticciera founder of "Il Giardino di Ginevra", which has conquered fans of taste, delighting the palates with exclusive recipes, which enhance the local specialties.

Careful researcher of raw materials, meticulous in the study of ancient recipes and rediscovery of genuine flavors.

Hence the creation of: PannDiBufala, with the use of buffalo milk cream from Campania, the exclusive recipe of Candied Presidia and many sweet flavors, which creatively recall the local traditions such as the Pigna di Tarallo.

Original cake called Pan (n) of Buffalo as the butter dough is replaced by the use of fresh cream from buffalo, from the processing of buffalo milk used for the production of buffalo mozzarella DOP. Packaging: cardboard box stylized Deadline: 60 days from date of manufacture

33,00 €

Packaging: cardboard box stylized Deadline: 40 days from date of manufacture

31,90 €

The traditional sweet Colomba Pan (N) buffalo "White Duchess" is produced only with the highest quality ingredients. Ingredients: flour, sugar, yolks of fresh eggs, butter, natural yeast, candied fruit, honey, salt, vanilla. For the icing: sugar, corn starch, egg white, almond flour, almonds, sugar grains. Packaging: cardboard box stylized

33,00 €
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