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Founded in 1986, Feudi di San Gregorio is today the symbolic mark of the enological renaissance of southern Italy and of a culture of drinking aimed at rediscovering the identity of Mediterranean flavors. Safeguarding tradition by researching all its potential. Enhancing the vines of Southern Italy such as Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, investing in the land and in the centuries-old tradition of Irpinia viticulture, restoring a future to a unique environmental heritage. Today Feudi di San Gregorio is - and wants to be more and more - a place for meeting, for comparison, for knowledge, for meditation, for a laboratory of ideas and culture.

Aglianico from a well structured flavor and ruby red. Fruity scents typical of a young Aglianico. Ideal wine to accompany the meal every day. Ideal as a combination with sandwiches, stuffed pizzas, stuffed pasta and red meat dishes. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

8,00 €

White wine of great freshness, intense floral and fruity, made from the best grapes of Falanghina. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

7,80 €

By the vineyards planted in the green hills of Sannio, born white Falanghina DOC wine, so called because the vineyard is cultivated with the Falanga method. Wine with a fresh taste and a fruity aftertaste. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

12,00 €

From the magical land of Irpinia born Fiano di Avellino, tasty white wine with a straw yellow color and scents of Golden apple, orange blossom, fresh hazelnut and honey millefiori, which condenses the wealth of our land. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

14,00 €

The Greco Di Tufo is a tasty white wine, the chalky soils of Tufo give to Greco grapes minerality, freshness and persistence. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

14,00 €

By fertile vineyards planted with Aglianico born Ros'Aura, a pink colored wine cherry, fresh and intense aromas of fruit and flowers. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

9,20 €

Among the green hills of Irpinia born aglianico red wine Rubrato, a wine with a ruby red color that expresses the Aglianico pleasure in his youth. Excellent with meat dishes or cheeses. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

12,00 €

The DUBL Brut sparkling wine, produced with method Champenoise, is the ideal aperitif, because it combines the pleasant perlage and the spontaneity of Falanghina grapes to the perlage end of the Classic Method. With a bright straw-yellow color and an intense and delicate bouquet, DUBL Brut expresses all its grace on the palate with notes that evoke ginger...

16,80 €

Aglianico produced in Taurasi lands is the ultimate expression of all aglianico wines. In his ideal territory of volcanic origin, it is born this wine with a ruby red color and intense aromas. Ideal with dishes of red meat roasts. Packaging: glass bottle 75cl

24,00 €
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