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We were born in the midst of these hills, grew up with the idea to escape and seek his fortune elsewhere; we did it!
But after a while we found ourselves again in this land so dear cosi'avara sweat yet.

Where were they ', in the North, we were missing the sun, we were missing the colors of this nature, we lacked the melody of our pastures, the echo of the silence and the deep sense of the little things that make great our time. Since children ate mulling this land in the mud, while Our mowing, hoeing, sowing, they harvested; we were there ', to attend season by season to changing the nature and with it we grew up knowing, loving, and as adults we are today still with his hands soaked in this tasty land that da'la life, passion, strength and the hope. And 'our land We're giving our time, perche'essa patiently welcomes our seeds and feeding them love us back off.

That taste extraordinary things when they arise from their toil, their own care.
We like to stay at the table, sipping wine around and each year emphasize the different fragrances that the season has brought to our Casavecchia. We like the idea that this' we sow passes for our food on our tables and stands not only as a simple meal, but as history, tradition, culture. We like to think that, in our way, we know how to stop time experiencing the thrill of being together, following the gentle rhythm of taste!

Goat cheese Conciato Romano still produced according to the ancient Roman traditions. It 'a cheese in a greatly reduced olfactory sensations dose of ripe fruit on the nose and tasting great personality, which can be up to a very pronounced spiciness. Seasoning: from 6 to 18 months Ingredients: sheep milk 80%, 20% cow's milk, rennet, aromas and wine...

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Feature pack consists of everything you need to continue to mature the cheese Conciato Romano directly to your home using the same products and tools used by casario. Package: no. 2 cheeses from 200g ca, liquid seasoning (olive oil, wine vinegar Casavecchia, piperna and chili) sealed in airtight envelope, nr. 1 jar of clay

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